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Daiquiri's And Dos Equis

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Sitting on the patio the pool is clear and blue
The breeze is blowing through the palm trees the birds are singing in tune
The flowers sway to the music we make as we stare at the Moon
I can’t explain the feeling I get as I sit here with you

Daiquiri's and Dos Equis living life as we please
Nothing like a night in AZ just my baby and me

Well we don't care what the neighbors think we're living out our fantasies
You might say we're kinda wild for our age but what the hell does that even mean
We like to spent some quality time enjoying life to the tee
A quiet night a couple of drinks some friends and family

Daiquiri's and Dos Equis the things in life we need
Got nothing in our life but time we're living loose and free

Care free with a Dos Equis I’m toasting me and you
Strawberries in the Daiquiri’s it takes away your blues

Daiquiri's and Dos Equis we’re following our dreams
Dancing to the songs of life and clapping as we sing

Daiquiri's and Dos Equis
Daiquiri's and Dos Equis
Daiquiri's and Dos Equis is all we need