1. I Love You
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I Love You

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I can honestly say I've done Everything for you,
I gave the moon, the stars, the sun all for you.
You're the breath that I take,
you're the heaven when I wake, I love you.

If I could only find a way to get to you,
then you could see the love I have for you is true.
Please forgive me my mistakes,
and say it's not to late, I love you.

You know the sun won't shine tomorrow and every day will rain,
Till I have you back beside me again.
Well, you know I've felt the sorrow and the anger and the pain,
but I'd give the world to have you back again.

So, could you look inside your heart and find a way,
to find the love you lost and bring it back to stay.
You're the only one I want, so woman please be strong,
I love you, I love you, I love you.